A M A N D A   D A N N Á E   R O M E R O

Amanda is an experimental artist and musician currently based in Albuquerque, NM.

Amanda grew up in Santa Fe where she enjoyed exploring the vast landscapes and culture of New Mexico. She has always had an interest in the way that humans, technology, and environments are interconnected. For example, the ways in which sound can enhance a specific environment or how an environment can create a home for sound to reside. She has done extensive research and practice in various art modalities and the way in which they can be implemented as mechanisms for change and healing in individuals as well as those who have varying forms of trauma and disability. 

Her affinity for social practice and the progressive nature of the relationship between humans, technology, and environments has allowed her to create a dialogue on these parallels. Specifically her work with hospice patients has involved a personalized treatment plan that implements music as well as sound therapy. She uses her background in music, photography, coding, sound, and video in such a way that permits her to explore these relationships. 

As well as interpersonal parallels, Amanda's work is geared around social practice and the way that art and sound can be used as mechanisms of healing in both natural and self-generated environments. Her affinity towards the recurrently progressing connection between humans, technology, and environments has shaped her work and created a commentary on the spectrums of these interactions.