19 Photographs

This installation consists of 19 photographs, each documenting a year that I had been alive at the time. I then created 19 individual sound recordings and ran each WAV. file through a HEX Editor, which is a binary file editing software that allowed me to manipulate the FBD (Fundamental Binary Data) of each recording. I then processed each image with the HEX editor and inserted each photograph's FBD into the FBD of each corresponding audio file. Through the processing and pairing of data from each photograph with that of an individual sound recording, I was able to create 19 audio files unique to each photograph that looped as one walked through the installation and experience an immersive and cacophonic resonance. 

This work also served as a sonic representation of the lack of connectivity that I felt while looking at those photographs of myself. I wanted to create a visual interpretation of the sensation of being able to recognize each individual in the photograph but feeling absolutely no attachment to it whatsoever.